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Monday March 7, 2011

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I’m on a mission to get myself into a workout routine, but life always seems to rear its ugly head and block me from my desire to sweat a little.  So why should today be any different?  I spent the whole afternoon running around doing errands and pretending to make a dent in my to-do list.  All I wanted to do was head for a run/walk or gym!  Why is it so hard to find an hour to myself?

Let me rewind a bit, this AM I’m at work all happy and productive.  Thinking about what I’m going to do at the gym this evening once Hunk gets home and sets me free!  Then I get the text.  The text that says “I’m sick”  It’s from the nanny, great the nanny is sick and either hunk or I now have to stay home which throws the rest of the day into chaos.  So I voted Hunk to stay home, I was already at work so it seemed fair!  Which in turn means that Hunk will have to stay late at work, not fair.

Long story short.  I didn’t make it to the gym my extent of exercise included hauling laundry, cleaning up after kids and making a scrumptious dessert after dinner to make me feel better about not going to the gym.  Probably not the best way to think but Tuesday is tomorrow and I’m feeling optimistic about my date with gym.

While making dinner this is what I found on the couch

B and Bing spent almost 30 minutes cuddled like this on the couch while Hunk and I cooked.  I guess going to the gym tomorrow was worth putting off to see these two crazy girls cozy.


Quote of the day

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B almost knocked over Hunks coffee, for the 100th time in less than 30 seconds. Hunk has told her about a million times watch out for my coffee, I’m going to be really upset if you spill it. He finally asks her
Hunk to B “do you ever listen?”
B “UM not today my ears hurt, and really I forget a lot”
Kid kills me at least she’s honest!!!


Making it Official! March 5, 2011

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I’m making my workout official.  If I don’t have someone to hold me accountable I’ll never accomplish what I want to do.  What do I want to do, you ask?  I want to find time for me at least 5-6 times a week, to exercise and re-group.  I’ve always worked out without any issues.  I did it because I needed too, because I could and because I love it.  Now, well between being mom, a wife, a full-time employee and running my own business, I, me, myself have fallen through the cracks.  I need to remind myself that I too need to be allowed some me time.  I love exercise, it’s really the only drug I was ever addicted too.   I crave the high that you get from sweating, from breathing hard and from feeling your muscles scream.  I love it!  I dream about it, I plan for it and then…. Life, it gets in the way of my love affair with the gym, pavement, court or trail.  I get caught up in preschool, gymnastics and feeding schedules.

So before all your eyes I’m making me a top priority.  I am going to get to the gym, trail, court or pavement at least 5 times a week.  I don’t mind bringing the people who call me mom, or even the guy that they call dad.  In fact I love it, but it needs to happen.  I’m going to try to post my latest adventures each day.

So here’s today’s.  Today Hunk and I hit the trail and ran a hilly, ass kicking 8 miles.  I found my heart beating hard, my lungs coming alive and my legs screaming for more.  We spent most of the run without seeing any other people and having a chance to re-connect in a way that we haven’t in a while.  It’s amazing how refreshing it is to have a date on the run.  We ran, laughed and talked about our plans.  This isn’t our first run, it’s not even our 2nd we’ve been doing our runs on the weekend for about 4 months now and loving every second.  Today we just needed to be alone together and remember why we picked each other.  As much as we thrive off of being mom and dad there are times when it’s nice to be us.

My goal is set and my mind is made up.  Today was a success, I’m already planning my adventure for tomorrow.


The rant of all rants February 19, 2011

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I’m an average person.  I’m 5’7″ (average) average build, average blond hair, average average average.  I’m OK with being average because like it’s definition most people are average.  But what about the people who seem to have it all.  You know the people who have the skills you might be willing to part with a limb for, not really or maybe just hesitant but say no eventually.  Anyway I played volleyball and basketball I can kick a soccer ball and run a few miles w/out stopping, but really who can’t with a little practise.  I’m talking about the really skilled people, ones that seem to be born with, set skill, already oozing from their pores.

I’m not gonna lie, I envy, am jealous of anyone that can sew or create.  Yes I said it, it’s out in the world and I can’t take it back.  I would do almost anything to have a slightly creative bone in my body.  I have a mildly creative mind and ability that laughs at the mere thought of trying to (insert any artistic form here)  I have tried, oh how I’ve tried.  Sewing classes, painting, photography, nope, hahahah, almost, but fail.  I don’t know what it is? OK, I sort of know, but that would be placing blame on me and I want to blame it on others!  I won’t mention the fact that I have the hardest time with follow through!  I can’t finish anything, really the only 2 projects I’ve ever started and completed was pregnancy.

I am captain great idea all the while being queen, well I got this far now what.  I’m 31 years old I’m going on a limb and say I’m not going to change.  It might be part of my DNA or genetic code.  I don’t have siblings so can’t compare their shortcomings or abilities to my own.  My parents are an odd couple to say the least so really no help there.  My mom is a writer, teacher all around brain.  My dad comes from an eclectic mix of painters (house), musicians and social butterflies.  The weirdest part is everything that you might want from this random gene pool I didn’t get.  I can’t spell worth a hamsters weight, seriously it’s a running joke.  My mom is a walking dictionary, definition, spelling and origin.  My dad that would take to long to talk about.  Do I blame them for my inability to excel?

I’m left to wonder, am I the only one that feels this way?!  Is there anyone else out there, even you super crafty ladies that I envy!  That feel like you lack something, but can’t fix it?  Are we all just not meant to be amazing crafters, athletes, writers, sewers…  Do we get one thing we’re good at and then have to be happy with that one thing?  What happens if your blind to your one thing?  I’m not kidding when I say I’m average.  I’m not good/great at one thing, I told you this was a rant.  I’ve thought about it and really my list of attributes are pretty sad.  I do a lot of things just none of them worth a dime.

So if your an average lady what do you excel at?  What is something that you can think of that makes you proud?

The one thing that I have learned about myself that I’m actually proud of and find to be a “talent” of sorts is the ability to think of ways to expand other people’s businesses.  Now this would be a great talent if I could use it for my own business, but again that whole follow through thing.

At least my 2 finished projects turned out nice


On the mend

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Our house has been under quarantine (not really) for what feels like months, 1 week.  We have finally all hit the ahhh of feeling somewhat normal.  We still sound like a room full old smokers but we can now function and feel like real people again.

During our fight with deaths older uglier sister, The Cold, Baby K celebrated her 1st Birthday.  This little lady is crazy, adorable and full of so much personality.  She makes us laugh daily and is constantly giving us and her sister the business.  If we have it, she wants it!

Happy (late) Birthday Baby K, thank you for making our lives so much more entertaining!


Tis the season February 16, 2011

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If anyone can remember what it’s like to have a healthy family please let me know. We have been sick for what feels like a month! If it’s not one of us it’s all of us.
We spent baby K’s first bday, Feb 15th, sick and grouchy at each other. Really enjoyable. Hopefully we will be on the mend sooner rather than later, K’s first bday party is Saturday!


Blog Dare January 21, 2011

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a mom blog community

Resolutions.  I am horrible at follow through, hence my lack of writing lately.  I’m the queen of great ideas and poor follow through.  So my Resolutions this year have nothing to do with that because I figure after 31 years of being me, I’m not going to resolve the fact that I suck at follow through.  I have found that I love to run.  Hunk and I have been on a mission for the last few years to really get our lives in some sort of order, isn’t that the classic resolution?  Anyway we started running about 3 months ago and it’s amazing!!!  I have found that our 3-4 times a week aren’t enough.  I crave more running, I need more running and I hope to be able to put more miles on as the year progresses.

We are averaging 15-25 miles a week and I would like to make it to 50-75 by the end of year.  I know insane, but we’ve done 18 miles in one day and felt great.  It’s like a really healthy date night, only we are usually up and out of the house running by 7AM.

What’s your resolution this year?