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Blog Much??? September 15, 2011

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Trying to find some sort of balance between, want/need, kids/me, My life and not keeping up with the Jones’… So that’s where I’ve been. Somewhere between real life and vicariously living through pinterest 🙂

B has started her 3rd and final year at preschool. She missed the cut off for Kindergarten by 20 days, and actually I’m thrilled about it. I like the idea of her being an older kindergartener, maybe it won’t make a difference but in my mind being older will make her more of a leader in school…

K is crazy, adorable and gross all at the same time. She’s a finger sucker, I think I’ve posted pictures of that before… Well now she sticks her available finger up her nose whenever she’s sucking her fingers, honestly it’s a perfect finger holder so I don’t blame her but the looks people give are awesome!

We lost Merlin our big Newfie at the beginning of July, it’s been a rough year for us with our furry friends.  I feel unbelievably luck to have had him for almost 11 years, he will always have a special place in my heart.  Hunk and I have decided to take a year off, if we make it that long, from another dog.  I find myself in a tug-o-war over the whole dog issue, so until my head and heart aline I will go along with the year mark.  But we did get 2 new Kitties, yes We’re insane!  Franklin and Penelope were adopted in August and we are head over heels in love with these two crazy balls of crazy…  Our big cats on the other hand have not so much.
Hunk and I are making lots of changes. I’m taking a new job and saying good bye to the ladies that I’ve worked with for the last 11 years, just writing it makes me want to cry. But new job, better hours and more money, see ya later ladies we’ll have lunch…  Hunk has found out that his boss is thinking of selling him the company in the next few years, this is amazing news.  And we are trying to have another baby, it takes us a long time to get pregnant, but that’s another post.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Our craziness has just been intensified and we are still trying to survive.

But everyday I wake up and am thrilled that this is the life I was given


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