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Crazy, but Cute May 13, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — mama lost in the burbs @ 10:25 pm

I’ve decided that 4 year olds are just small psychotic adults.  B can turn crazy in 3 seconds flat and then just as quickly look at you like you’re the crazy one for telling her she’s out of control.  Although for the most part she is amazing in every way, there are days when I’d like to put her up for auction on eBay (I’m only slightly kidding) But then the kid goes and says something that makes me want to laugh, squeeze her and never let her grow up.

The other day she told Hunk that if she could be any animal it would be a bird.  Hunks reply “Oh I’d love to be a bird too.  So you could fly?”  B responded in confusion “Fly?  No so I could lay an egg”


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