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Thursday?! Really?! March 10, 2011

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Who knew this week was on warp speed?  Not Me!  I missed the memo and apparently it decided to smack me square in the face today!  I was busy from the second my eyes opened till, well now!

B has gymnastics on Thursday, which might be the only real reason that I realized what day it was.  Anyway after I got off work and raced home to “relax” I realized that I had a few hours till B’s class.  During those 2 hours I had to run to the post office and mail 500lbs worth of stuff and head to the bank and open a new account since my old bank was trying to rob me blind, like I wouldn’t notice!  Then I remembered that I couldn’t find my tweezers, with eyebrows like mine tweezers are a must!  They are waxed on a regular basis, but these puppies have super power or something cause they grow like weeds!  Anyway $45.00 later I have tweezers and a bunch of other things I didn’t know I was out of, including mini Cadbury eggs!  Did you all know that the giant Cadbury eggs are so 1989 and they now have these little mini eggs?  Where have these been all my life?

They are the perfect amount of goodness without the mess, and did I mention they come in a pretty little dozen?!  Anyway we made it to gym class with 25 seconds to spare, PHEW!  After class we raced home to get some sort of dinner started.  Today has totally been one of those days.  You know the kind that exhausts you just re-capping it. (In a sheepish tone) I didn’t make time today to get any exercise.  Although I would love to go right now, I’m guessing 11PM isn’t idea workout time.  Instead I’ve been thinking about just a little me time.

I’m dreaming of the book on my night stand so I’m thinking I’ll pawn off all cleaning responsibilities to Hunk and head to my cozy bed and crack open that book.  Today I’ll exercise my mine, because it’s in desperate need of a little weight lifting!

Just cause I love them! 


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