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Making it official Tuesday March 9, 2011

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Success!!! I made it to the gym tonight! Almost a full hour of sweating and listening to non-kid friendly music. Ahhh I can still feel it! I’m sure my ass will hurt tomorrow, but I’m ready to go again.
Today I worked my favorite body part, Legs.  Tomorrow I’m aiming for arms, I think.   I’ll write-up a little exercise plan in the AM and get myself to the gym at some point tomorrow.
I think the part I like the most is the time to just be in my own head. I hear the music and see other people, but there isn’t anyone pulling on my pants or yelling that they are thirsty or need something. I am not responsible at that moment for anyone other than myself.
I’m making it official and sticking to it!  Also there is nothing like coming home and seeing the smiles on those little faces!  I’m doing this for them too.  When mom is happy everyone is happy!



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