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duck, duck…. January 21, 2011

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B’s preschool is amazing, I’ve written about it before, but really it’s great. It’s a co-op preschool so yes I spend way more time there than I’d like too on some days, but if I didn’t then I’d miss out on so much.
Her class is full, 24 students and they all get along great. They have recently discovered how fun duck, duck, goose is.
B has been talking about duck, duck goose for days now and about how fun it is. She’s even taking to reenacting how you play it in the house w/out actual people playing.
Last night K and I were sitting at the table and B starts her duck, duck again. She taps me on the head “duck”, she taps Merlin (the dog)”duck”, she taps Bing (the cat) “duck”, she taps K “duck” at which point K screams “COCK”
K has been using the few words she has, dog, dada, mama, uppa, uh-ohhhh, at (cat) all of them are a little muddled and not very well pronounced, but cock well she got that one out loud and clear.
Can you believe this is the face of someone that screams Cock?  I think she’s ashamed.


2 Responses to “duck, duck….”

  1. I’m sure you are so proud, lol! What a cutie!

  2. I laughed out loud at this post! When my sister was a toddler she used to refer to Kentucky Fried Chicken as f***y fried chicken. I think that’s why we stopped eating there!

    Stopping by via blog dare.

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