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Drama for the mama November 20, 2010

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We’ve been keeping a list of quotes from B and her latest one makes me laugh every time I think about it.
Here’s the conversation
B “I want to go to the park with just you Dad, not Mom or K”
Hunk “That’s not nice B, everyone likes to go to the park and it’s a lot more fun with everyone there”
B “Nope just you and me”
Hunk “B your going to hurt moms feelings if you keep saying you don’t want her to come with you”
Sidenote: We are all in the car together so I’m hearing every word
B “ask her”
Hunk “ask her what”
B ” ask her if it hurts her feelings”
Hunk ” I know it hurts her feelings I don’t have to ask her”
B “ask her, ask her”
Hunk “No that’s mean and you just like to hear drama”
a slight pause
B”I do, I really do!”
So my little drama queen has at least admitted that she enjoys the drama, what’s a mama to do?


One Response to “Drama for the mama”

  1. Love the quotes! I started really writing random things my own daughter has said- it will certainly make for a laugh when she gets older… her latest was beyond bizarre when she informed me “when I was a vampire I buried gold in the back yard.” I love a 4 year old’s imagination!

    Now following you from Weekend Blog Hop! Hope you can stop by my neck of the woods sometime!

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