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Rabbit? November 11, 2010

Filed under: Ramblings — mama lost in the burbs @ 2:37 pm

Tinky Bun Bun our lovable house bunny might actually be more of a goat than a rabbit. This rabbit has eaten or at lease tasted almost everything in our house. She has found that her favorite item to munch on is potatoes. This rabbit has somehow managed to eat a 5lb bag of potatoes in less than a week. The weird thing is I hadn’t noticed that she was chomping away on them, at least not until I went to get some potatoes for dinner and I found a whole in the side of the bag and almost all of the potatoes gone!
So bunnies love potatoes and sheet rock and wires and basically will try anything once or twice or they may just eat the whole bag or wall.
Good thing Tinky is cute or she’d be outside fending off the squirrels!


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