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I wanna be a October 10, 2010

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Recently B has been obsessed with the question of what do you want to be when you grow up. She asks me and Hunk this question on an almost daily basis. I ask her the same question and her answer is always the same.
“I wanna be a cow-girl, chef, artist, Choo Choo driver, princess. This never fails to be her answer and always in that order.
I remember when I was little and I really wanted to work as an animal trainer. I wanted to work with the baby tigers or elephants. As I got older it started to change and here I am 31 and I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. B always picks what she thinks I should be. It usually ends up being something like a doctor or firefighter, which is funny because the meer thought of doing either of those professions sends me into a cold sweat.
So my thought is this at what point do we lose sight of our kid dreams and sort of settle for making a living?
I found my groove, or should I say I found a job that allows me to enjoy my life without bringing my work home, but my job is just that a job. I go there zone out do my work and head home, how important is it to have a job you love? Or if you love your job too much does it take away from your life? Does your job define you or does your life define you? Do you even make a line between the two?
I often wonder if I had gone after a career instead of just a job if I’d be as happy as I am in my life or maybe could I have been happier?

How do you find your balance and how close to your kid dream did your adult reality come?  I hope that B becomes the cow-girl, chef, artist, Choo Choo driver princess she dreams of.




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