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The things I loath September 28, 2010

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I’m usually pretty happy and upbeat about life in general, but there is one thing that can sending me spiralling down into a funk that takes an act of a higher power to change.

Heat! I loath the heat, if the temp is above 85 I feel like I might die.  The last few days have felt like I’m sitting in the devils living room roasting marshmallows.  To make it all the better, our house doesn’t have AC.  This usually isn’t a problem as we have an attic fan that usually pulls the heat out of the house and then it’s comfortable, but our attic fan bit the dust.  So I am left sitting in the mister on our deck and wishing it would snow.  Our poor beast of a dog is sitting next to me drool hanging from his poor face. B is happily playing in the mister thinking it’s the best thing ever and baby K is grabbing at the mist as it sprays over her. All the while poor mom is trying to figure out a place to go where I don’t have to change my outfit and better yet don’t have to spend any money to enjoy the AC.  Is it wrong to actually want to go back to work?  My work has AC and they pay me to be there.  I’m praying to the weather gods that this passes and tomorrow it’s raining!

Till it cools off I might have to live in a hotel but for now I’ll just look at cool pictures


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