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Preschoolers September 24, 2010

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B goes to a co-op preschool.  We picked a co-op for 2 main reasons, 1st it’s way way cheaper than other schools and 2nd when we walked in it felt like home.  B loved this school the second she walked in and so did Hunk and I.  It’s been a great fit for us and we generally love it there.  Today was my day to co-op, I always try to get there early to get a “good” station I always fail and end up getting the last job left.  Today I was outside mom.

I actually love, love this area!  It’s easy, kids always just run amuck and have a great time and I don’t have to track them down to try something preschooly. Today was interesting. It’s the 2nd week of school and I haven’t really had a chance to see these kids yet, side note B went here last year and 98% of the kids that were in her class last year are back.  Anyway today I really got a chance to kid watch.  It’s amazing what a difference a year can make.  4 year old boys are freaking hysterical and wild!!!

These little guys are tearing down the bike track all willy-nilly one minute, then crying like little girls because their favorite friend won’t let them climb in the back of the wagon with them.  I knew that girls are emotional but boys?!  There is definitely a pecking order or popular group.  The funny thing is that it’s more noticeable with the boys.  The girls seem to play with whoever wants to play in the same area at the same time, but the boys…

The boys have the desire to play with A all the time and if A doesn’t really feel like doing what they want it’s close to being shunned.  I’ve seen more tears shed over who gets to sit next to A at circle time than there have been circle times.  It’s crazy.  Don’t get me wrong A is a cool kid and I love his mom, but really some of these kids aren’t even 4!  Actually A isn’t even 4 his bday is coming up this month.  We are heading to A’s bday party on Sunday and I’m a little nervous to see who wasn’t invited and who was and how Monday plays out because of this.

So here’s the thing has it always been this much of a popularity contest with boys or is this new?  I know that girls get catty about friends and pecking order but I always assumed that boys just sort of all got along.  What about your kids? Are they dealing with the “cool” groups in preschool or are we just a weird group?  I won’t be surprised if we are just a weird group!

I’ll let you know how the party plays out.

I'm totally confused by the boys too


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