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When a furry sibling passes September 23, 2010

If you haven’t read the about me page I’ll give you a short little blurp.  Our household consists of 2 adults, 2 children, 3 dogs (we recently lost one of our furry kids) 3 cats & 1 house bunny.  We have a lot of fur living in our house, oh and our house is Not even 900 sq ft.  Ya we are nuts, well aware of it, but hey what can you do.

Wally (aka the chubby one) was a sweet doxie that had a face that could melt your heart.   Here is Wally, below, helping sort and organize our plants one summer.


Wally was 10 years old when he passed away suddenly, we think that he had a stroke.  I came home from work and like normal greeted all the furry kids who act like my home-coming is better than Xmas.  Wally is usually the first to harass you for attention, but this day he didn’t.  I found him hiding and looking very glazed and he was panting hard.  It wasn’t hot out at all and all the other dogs weren’t acting like normal either.  I grabbed Wally and stuck him in the sink to wash him thinking maybe he was over heated, FYI if you think your dog is getting over heated our vet said it’s a great idea to give them a cool bath.  The bath didn’t help at all.  I put him on the ground in the kitchen and normally he goes tearing around the house looking for food.  He barely walked into the living room.  I called our vet and headed out the door.  The next few hours are sort of a blur, but Wally wasn’t doing well and was getting worse by the minute.  Our vet recommended going to the emergency vet, but I just had a feeling he wouldn’t make it and I wanted him to be at home with his family.  I headed back home and called Hunk.  I told him that he should meet me at home.  Wally has always been Hunks main guy, he has spent so many Sundays laying on the couch watching football that his little butt has actually left a dent.  I got home and within minutes Wally had stopped breathing.  I called Hunk and told him to hurry. Hunk was already pulling up our street.  I don’t know if  Wally knew it or not but he started breathing as soon as Hunk walked into the house.  He stayed with us for about another 3 minutes and then passed with me and Hunk petting him and talking to him.  I have always had pets and have had a lot of them pass, but this was really really hard.  I don’t know if it was because it was so sudden, or because he didn’t seem that old or maybe it’s just that I wasn’t prepared to say good-bye.

After Hunk and I had buried Wally, we realized that we know had to tell B something.  B and little K had taken a trip across the street with my parents when I had left for the vet.  We walked across the street to go get them and tried to pull ourselves together.  We figured it would take B at least a little bit to realize that Wally was gone, we have 2 other doxies and they all look very similar.  We walked through our front gate and B instantly asked were’s the chubby one?  She has nicknames for 99% of the people and animals in here life.  Hunk and I told her that he no longer was living with us, but he was very happy.  She mulled it over for a few minutes and I don’t know if she felt the sadness or what, but she left it at that.  The rest of the week she didn’t mention Wally, but the following  monday brought a whole round of questions.  Questions that Hunk and I were not prepared for.  We figured she would ask where he was and why he left, but we weren’t prepared for what the following conversation.
B “I know the chubby one isn’t here”
Me “that’s right”
B “Can I visit him”
Me “No, where he went we can’t go”
B “I really miss him”
Me “I know, we do too”
B “If I’m really good, can we visit”
Me “No, it’s hard to explain but he’s not in a place that we can visit”
B “I promise I won’t talk or touch anything, then can I just see him?”
Me “B I know this is hard, but at some point we don’t get to see people that we are used to seeing.”
B “I don’t think I want to talk about this anymore”

That was the end of the conversation.  She hasn’t really brought it up again in that much detail, but every once in a while she will tell me that she sure misses the chubby one and she still gets out 4 cookies to give to the dogs.  It’s heart breaking every time she comes back with one cookie and tells me “He still isn’t out there”

I don’t know if there is any wrong or right way to deal with the loss of a pet or person.  I just hope that we have done a good enough job helping her deal with this loss.

B and Wally 2008


One Response to “When a furry sibling passes”

  1. Kari Says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of Wally. This story brought tears to my eyes – my parents have owned doxies all their life and this same thing happened to their 11 yr doxies a few years ago.
    Thank you for sharing and we will keep you in our prayers.

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