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Favorite Word Wednesday September 15, 2010

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This last week has been a long one, but I am adding my favorite word for the week.

I’m loving Hodgepodge.  It reminds me of stew, all sorts of things most of which you can’t remember.  And it’s the best way to describe something that is wonderfully chaotic.  My house is all sorts of Hodgepodge.

B’s favorite word this week is Sandwich.  She say’s “It’s tasty and I like the way it feels”  So I’m not sure if she likes the way it feels when she eats it or the way it feels when she eats it?  All I got was a nod of the head.

I’m adding a little something extra to Wordy Wednesday, just a new word of the day it’s time to expand the vocab people!  So here’s your word                             Somniloquence: Som*nil”o*quence\, n. The act of talking in one’s sleep; somniloquism.

My favorite thing is laughing in my sleep, whether I have Somniloquence I don’t know, but it sure is a great way to wake up!


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