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Time is flying September 13, 2010

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B started school today.  I love the first day of school.  The excitement of watching B learn, play and grow is amazing to me.  She could hardly sleep last night, with anticipation of this afternoon.  She’s been asking about school since it got out last year.  Last night as we got B ready for bed we talked about school and what she would do and all the fun she would have, Hunk and I kissed her goodnight turned on her stars and closed the door.  Then it hit me.

My baby wasn’t a baby anymore, she wasn’t even a toddler, my baby was a preschooler.  Ya she was a preschooler last year too, but last year she was still tiny and had a super baby face, this year she’s a little girl.  I had a flash of what the next few years where going to be like and I almost wanted to burst into tears.  Not because she is growing up, but because she is amazing.  My daughter is amazing!  She has the loyalty of her mom, she’s a total love like her dad and she’s as stubborn as we are, combined.  This little girl is charging head first at life and I have a front row seat.

So of course after my moment I decided to head down memory lane and bring out the baby book.  I’m going to share a few of the ones that made me go awe!

16 months

16 months with Wally AKA Chubby one

23 months sniffing the tree with Hunk

Hunk and I met working at a Christmas tree farm. Sniffing the tree is one of the things you have to do before buying an Xmas tree, it’s tradition!

barely 2

B loves broccoli more than most kids like cookies, she will eat it cooked, raw, plain, dipped in ranch, just about anyway you can prepare it she’ll eat it.  Oh and eating it like that is obviously way more fun than just a little piece.

She was runnin

She ran/walked the whole hike, which is a loop we usually do that’s a little over 6 miles.  She carried that doll and backpack the whole way.  Then Hunk pitched in.

So tired 25 months

27 months

Outdoor sand practice.

The first 3 years of B’s life have been spent inside a volleyball gym, I coached for a little over 14 years.  The girl loves volleyball and all things sports.  She would walk into the gym once she learned to talk and yell run.  The boys and girls that I coached love her.  I left coaching a few weeks before I found out little K was going to be joining the family.  I will miss giving little K the same experience that B had.

First trip to Disneyland almost 2.5

She’s been planning the return trip since we left the first trip.

One of my favorites!

2 years and 364 days

3.3 months w/baby K

A few days ago 3.9 months

I love this kid she’s nuts and I forgot school got out at 3:00, I thought it was 3:15 so once again I’m that mom. CRAP!!!  Ah to another year!


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