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B plans the day September 4, 2010

I’m all for giving my kids choices and options, to a certain extent of course.  I like to give B choices on clothes, food, activities and on occasion we let her plan a weekend day.  Today B planned our day, well almost all of it.  I had a meeting in San Francisco this Saturday AM.  Hunk  and I told B that we would be going to San Francisco and that after my meeting we could do whatever she wanted to do.  She thought about it for a couple of minutes and here what she planned.

Look a Weiner dog

Getting so excited!!

Getting a better view

No the Zebra is not dead

Can you find it?

Baby K found it!

See him now!

Really that Cute?!

A little snack & a little map review

More snack less maps

Snacks over back to planning

So excited for what’s next

Yeah! Lemur's

Can I take her home please?

Should I be jealous?

From across the yard I saw Him

Isn't he AMAZING!

We shared a moment

Deep in thought or


Have you ever let your 3 year old plan your day?  Give it a whirl if you dare, you might just end up having an amazing day!


2 Responses to “B plans the day”

  1. I loved your idea about allowing your 3 year old to plan the day. I have 6 month old twins and one day I look forward to allowing each of them to plan a day. I found you on the blog hop, check out my blog,

  2. Thanks for the follow! Love the zoo pics 🙂 Looks like it was a fun day and I love the idea of letting my 3 year-old plan the day. I’m going to try that one!

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