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Ever have a moment September 2, 2010

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When your life feels so amazing, it doesn’t feel real?  My night has been like that, I’m sometimes overwhelmed by how lucky I am.

This awe moment struck me when I was cooking dinner.  B was half helping me  put mangos in a bowl and half eating all the mangos I had been cutting.  Hunk was wandering in and out of the house cleaning the deck and stealing kisses from all the girls and little miss K was talking up a storm in her bouncer.

Our house was bustling with the hum of  family, love and chaos.  As I stood there cutting my mangos talking to B about what a great day she had, had I was almost brought to tears by how in love I am with my family.  I not only love them, but I am truly in love with them.  I know it should be something I feel all the time, but there are days where the chaos and emotions of a hectic day do nothing but send me to bed exhausted and a little irritated.  So today I savored this feeling.  As a family we finished making dinner.  While dinner was cooking we watered all the plants on our front deck and talked about how all of our days had gone and what we wanted to do for the weekend.  The evening ended with a quick trip to the yogurt shop and a game of Candyland before all the girls headed to bed.

I know it doesn’t sound like an amazing day, but it was just one of those days where everything felt perfect.

Then Hunk just ruined it!  The moment is gone and I’m back in reality.  I still love this crazy family, but Hunk has a way of bursting every bubble I ever blow.



2 Responses to “Ever have a moment”

  1. Nicole Says:

    LOVE those days!
    What did poor Hunk do to ruin such bliss!

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