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I’ve always wanted to be a Photographer August 23, 2010

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Unfortunately I am ubber un-creative.  Seriously I can’t scrapbook, draw, paint or anything else crafty.  I would love to be crafty just can’t be.  If you give me a sport to play I can do, and most times do it well enough not to make an arse of myself!  But ask me to do anything from Martha Stewart’s magazine and you might end up with something that looks like I was blindfolded painting with my toes.  Anyway I always thought I might be OK at photography, wrong again.  I’ve tried taking “artsy” pictures they just look stupid.  So imagine my surprise when I was uploading my camera and found this picture that I had taken when we were in Muir Woods on weekend.  It’s my claim to fame, the only picture I’ve ever taken that doesn’t look like B took it.  I’m a PHOTOGRAPHER, Just kidding!


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