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My favorite part of the day August 22, 2010

Everyday we ask B “what was your favorite part of the day?”  We ask her this every night at dinner time.  Her answers can range from crazy to supper sweet and usually it’s not just one part of the day.  Here are some of her answers from this week.
” I liked going to the park. My favorite part of today was pretending you were a monster. I liked when you chased me and I screamed. I liked painting with the water at Grandpa’s. I liked making cupcakes, I mean muffins with mom. I liked making K laugh. My favorite part was washing dads car because it was gross and I made it shiny. Oh ya I loved picking then eating tomatoes.  I liked getting yogurt as a family.  What was your favorite part mom?”
Every night after we ask her what her favorite part of the day is, she promptly asks us what our favorite part is.
I thought I would start “My favorite part of the day weekly post”

Here are my favorite things from the week
Having my house cleaned, it makes me smile every Tuesday when I get home.
K started to sit up on her own.
B helping me make muffins
Going for nightly runs with Hunk and girls
Grocery shopping, yep I love grocery shopping
Watching B make K laugh till she can’t breath
Watching my girls play together always makes my day
There are so many things that make my day wonderful
What was your favorite part of the day?


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