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We’ve all done it! August 16, 2010

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This morning I’m at work and my phone starts going off. I pick it up and find these texts one right after the other
Hunk “what are you doing”
Hunk “I just spider man crawled out of our room”
Hunk”She’s still asleep though”
Me “HU! What are you talking about”
Hunk “K is still asleep”
Me “ya got that, what the heck are you doing spider man crawling anywhere?”
Hunk “keeping her asleep”
Hunk “she woke up and started screeching at me, but if I hid she stopped”
I’m now at my desk with tears rolling down my face at the mental picture I just had of Hunk crawling around on the floor of our room trying to keep K from seeing him.
I know I’ve done this before and every time I do I think what would someone think if they walked in on me now.

Have you Spider-man crawled lately?

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