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My little Mermaid July 31, 2010

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B got a chance to go swimming with her cousins recently she was so excited, but so nervous. B is the cautious, I don’t think that’s a good idea, kid. She’s the first one to remind others that what they are doing could be dangerous. So she was a little concerned when Auntie handed me a life jacket so she could get in the pool w/the cousins.
B “mom is this safe”
Me ” I wouldn’t let you do anything that wasn’t safe”
B “you’re getting in right”
Me “If you want me to I will, but you’ll be fine. Look you can sit on the step until your comfy”
B “I’d like it better if Shea was here” Shea is her swim teacher
Me “I’ll stand on the steps”

5 minutes later! Drum roll please

She spent 45 minutes swimming around. I was shocked she even stayed in when the cousins got out.  At one point she told me she was just like Ariel. Love this kid!


One Response to “My little Mermaid”

  1. MaryAnne Says:

    Aw! So sweet! I can’t wait till my boys can swim! But being rambunctious, I know they’ll cannonball right in 😉

    Just found your blog on Bloggy Moms and I wanted to stop by and follow you! Hope you can stop by mine sometime and tell me what you think! Happy blogging!

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