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Who invited the devil to dinner July 24, 2010

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I know I didn’t invite her.

Somehow my sweet 3.5 year old has turned into a “lalalalala”, while I’m talking, your wrong/I’m right, no manners, devil.  Now let me throw this out here, B and I are so much a like it’s a little frightening.  I already have plans for her to take my old bedroom at my parents house when she turns 15, my parents live across the street from us.  When I was 15 my parents decided, at my plea’s and constant fighting, bickering and miss treatment of my mom to let me move into my mom’s office in the backyard.  This little piece of sanity has its own entrance, and its huge 30×35.  Oh the freedom, but it made living with them/me a whole lot easier.  B is 3.5 I can’t really send her to the backyard hideaway just yet.  In the mean time the devil is at our table.

Devil with the red dress on

I will say the sweet little girl is making a comeback, but the days where the devil is in control she’s lucky I don’t duct tape her to the wall and leave her.  I LOVE her though!


One Response to “Who invited the devil to dinner”

  1. Vivobello Says:

    I have a 3.5 year old monster too! I would rather take all 4 of my other kids to the store together than just her! She’s a handful.

    How awesome about your old room! I would have loved that!

    New follower from MBC!

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