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Ramblings of a very pregnant ME July 21, 2010

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I found this post under drafts and thought it would be fun to post it 5 months after the fact!  Enjoy my rantings!

I feel like an 8-year-old waiting for xmas, only instead of pure excitement I’ve been hit by the emotional roller coaster that can only be understood by someone who is 40wk +1day pregnant. It’s the day after your due date and your convinced that you will in fact be pregnant for the rest of your life. Of course we all know that won’t actually happen, but in the hormonal race for sanity that happens in our pregnant heads this thought does occur.
It’s like hitting the wall when you’re a runner. You know that you can make the last mile, but oh my god the emotional toll that it can take is amazing. Have you ever been near someone who just finished a long race, of course they are physically tired but the emotional exhaustion is there too.

Pregnancy is the weirdest thing.  With my first, B, I didn’t really ever hit that wall.  In fact the day I went into labor I panicked for the weirdest reason, I wasn’t done being pregnant yet.  Mind you I was 40wks 4 days pregnant when she was born so done yes, but emotionally still hanging in there.  This time around I was planning my maternity leave at 5 months, just waiting to get to that point where I could finally have the baby.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy being pregnant.  The whole experience is amazing and one I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but there is something to be said for the last few weeks and what it does to your whole psyche.
I try my best to let things go but… My fuse, everyone knows what I’m talking about here, is about a mm long and it’s an easy light. I can go from normal to vengeful in .2 seconds flat, not a pretty picture.
What’s the point of all this? The point is that for anyone living with, working with or just near a woman who is in her 40th wk of pregnancy take caution to what you say.
Things like “so you ready to pop” Well first the mental image that comes to mind is one of horrible pain and just really gross, it’s in no way cute or funny. Keep it to yourself
Or how about “You ready to have this baby” What do you think? Really if you want to make quick chatter with a 40+wk pregnant lady ask her something that is normal, like when is your due date then lie and tell her she looks great and let her bitch if she needs too. Otherwise we’ve all heard how huge we are, how small we are, that we’re ready to pop and every labor horror story that a stranger feels is worth telling us as we are pretending that our labor will be fast easy and pain-free.
Let’s Re-Cap things that are not going to send me off the deep end when talking to me:
1. We look great
2. Ask us how we are feeling
3. Don’t ask us if we are ready to pop
4. No one wants to hear they look huge or small for that matter
5. Ask us if we even want to talk about being pregnant, there comes a point where we might just want to have a normal non pregnancy related conversation.

That’s it now let’s have a baby, please!


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