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SHHHHHHH BOOM! July 20, 2010

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That’s the sound that little K makes just before I have to change/wash everything within a 5 foot radius around her.  I have never meet a kid that requires an outfit change every time she poops, I’m not kidding.  Sunday I changed her outfit 4 times because she pooped.  I know gross, but these are things that new moms should be warned about baby’s can rocket poop, there I said it.  It’s a good thing these poop launchers are so freakin cute!  Little miss K I love you but please let’s keep it in the diaper, please!

If anyone has a recommendations for poop containment I’m willing to try it.  Also to all the new moms out there this may not happen to you, cross your fingers now! My first daughter rarely had a “blow out”.  Just be prepared!

THE CULPRIT (K age 5months proceed with caution)


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