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Becoming Inspired July 17, 2010

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I have been blogging for a little over a year, but the blog started as a way to help promote a business and share my random knowledge of living a green lifestyle. What I’ve found is that I’m inspired by so many of the mom blogs and the personal blogs that I’m itching to start my own personal blog. Don’t get me wrong my blog now is personal, but it’s not really a blog that I can share all the things that I would like too. I find myself sitting down to blog and being uninspired, which is sad.
So I made the leap a few months ago and started a personal blog, the funny thing is I’m hard pressed to write anything on it. I think writing and being able to share your thoughts, feelings and opinions is amazing so what’s my issue.
The point of this is How do you stay inspired? Where do you find the time to juggle your life and your passion? What/who inspired you to become the blogger you are today or the blogger your trying to be?


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