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Santa Cop July 16, 2010

Filed under: Preschoolers — mama lost in the burbs @ 10:39 pm

Today was a weird one, B was crazy one minute and sweet the next, OK not so much weird really as it was just too hot to deal with the crazies. On our way for a late evening walk B was being a bit of a nugget and Tyler finally said “Santa won’t bring you any presents if your not a nice girl, Nuggets don’t get presents”
I have always wondered when this threat would be used and I had hoped it would be effective, like immediately straighten the situation out. Instead B turns to Tyler and says are you sure? I think Santa likes me, he brought me toys last year.  Really not the response I was hoping for.  I will say that she went back to her normal sweet, yet spicy self once we started walking. Really how are we expected to live through the teen years if our 3 year old is already sassy like a tween?


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