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Mommy who?!? March 5, 2010

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It’s been 2 weeks and a few days since we brought little K home. B has been great! She’s a super sweet big sister and loves to hold, read too and kiss her baby sister. So why is B a crazy Nugget to me? Since little K has been here B has really embraced her independence and attitude. This new phase is turning me a little Mommy dearest, OK not that bad but I have had to put myself in timeout a few times.
Don’t get me wrong I understand the whole my mom is spending too much time with this new little person and I’m all of a sudden left out. I just figured she’d hate little K so I was prepared for the send her back, why are we keeping her stuff.
I wasn’t prepared for the “I don’t really love mommy anymore” OUCH! My husband is still wonderful, but Mommy well any given moment you could get a different answer.
Maybe once I figure out how to keep K safe while I play like I used to with B, maybe then mommy will be loved. Until then at least the new one likes me.


One Response to “Mommy who?!?”

  1. papersweet Says:

    I have a term for that: a Crazy Girl Moment. My theory is that we, as women, are generally feelers (as well as thinkers.) Much like a friend of mine who spontaneously threw a gallon of milk off of a second floor balcony, we just overflow with expression. My theory also states that we’re not really responsible for what we do in our CGM. We can be happy, burst into tears, say irrational things and then be happy again. So don’t worry about the comment; CGMs are usually over as quickly as they start. πŸ™‚

    You now have two girls. Prepare for many, many CGMs. And have a few of your own, too. πŸ™‚

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