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New Addition February 27, 2010

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We have a new addition to our family. She arrived on February 15th at 1:12pm. She weighted 8lbs 5oz, exactly 1oz bigger than her older sister, and 21″ long, .5″ longer than big sister. K didn’t really look that much like B when she arrived, but everyday she seems to resemble her more and more. The funny thing is K has a full head of dark hair, funny since T and I are both blonds, B was bald until almost 2. This little girl has brought a lot of joy to our lives in just the short week that she has been with us. We are so excited to say our girls that we say it more than necessary, but only to each other.
So here’s to my Girls, I’m more in love with these two little girls than I ever thought was possible. As most parents will tell you your heart never really new love until you have children, but that’s a whole different post.
Welcome to the world little miss K.


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