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Baby Names January 29, 2010

I have a little less than 2 weeks left of this pregnancy. We don’t know what we are having, We love surprises, but this makes naming this LO all the more challenging. With B she was a surprise but I just knew she was a girl. I had a feeling, I had dreams I just knew. This time around no feeling, no dreams, nothing that has made me wake up with the Oh I know feeling.
Finding a name has been impossible, with B we had her name picked out when we went on our honeymoon, 2 years before she was conceived. This time around we hummed and hawed over all the names we had thought of, as back up names or boy names, the first time around.  Honestly most of them made me want to vomit. Really vomit, not just I don’t like it, but actually made my mouth water sort of vomit feeling.

We decided we had time to figure this naming thing out and that we would wait until I was at least 5 months pregnant before we really started looking.  Well 5 months came and went no name, 6 months, 7 months nada!  T went full force looking for names and randomly on the couch, said Cohen. Cohen hmmmm, yep I love it.

Side note: The names of our kids don’t have to follow anything particular, we just like what we like.  We do hope that our kids will like their names as well, but if they don’t well,  I figure if they hate their names as they get older I’ll happily let them rename themselves.

We have a boy name, Woo Hoo.  But we still don’t know if we are having a boy or girl.  So now at 9 months we are struggling to find the girl name that doesn’t make us shutter.  We’ll funny thing is that the same sort of ah ha moment that happened 6 years ago with B’s name, happened again a couple of nights ago.  We were talking about names and T said he liked Kinsey at the same time I was thinking Kensington.

I looked at him and said “your kidding right!”

T “No, I think it’s cute why? You hate it”

Me “No, but what do you think about using it as a nickname for Kensington?”

T “Weird, so we’re settled”

Me “Yep, what about a middle name?”

Middle name saga to be continued.


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