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Does this make me look Crunchy? January 28, 2010

California has finally had two days of sun in a row. For the last 2 weeks we have had an amazing display of rain, thunder, lighting, hail and snow. So what are you supposed to do with all the little kids who are used to being able to go outside anytime regardless of season?
Well for us the answer is simple. Rainy days are some of the funnest. It’s about putting on your rain boots and heading to the hills in search of newts, frogs and anything else that is brave enough to venture out in the weather.
This tradition started when I was a little kid and my mom would put us in funky “dirt” clothes with an extra pair of pants and socks tucked in the car for the ride home.  We would go to our local state park, which has amazing rolling hills, ponds, lagoons and a pretty impressive variety of native animals.  We would let the dogs run in the muck and mud as we slipped and slid pretending to ski, or as we soon termed it mud cross-skiing. These are my favorite memories growing up and I am happily carrying on the tradition.  Tuesday B and I had, had enough of the indoor activities that a lot of our friends where planning and put on our “dirt” clothes and headed to the same state park I used to go to.  This was the most amazing day for me, to see my little girl slipping in the mud squealing with delight when she caught site of her first newt.  We spent an amazing 2 hours splashing, sliding and searching.  The car ride home, B talked about how much fun she had and when could we go back?  I’m pretty sure we will be there again very soon.

So does this make me look crunchy?  If so Crunchy is amazing, give it a whirl.  Nothing makes you feel like a kid more than acting like on.

Hoping you all have a chance to mud cross-ski at some point!


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