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Co-oping 101 January 26, 2010

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B goes to a co-op preschool.  Now the idea of a co-op to me is great.  I love the idea of having other moms around to keep an eye on B and you don’t have to worry about what the teacher is like when all the parents leave, because they don’t.  BUT having to co-op is draining.  It’s only 2 hours and sometimes it flys, but other days oh my gosh.

The last two weeks have been a combo of flying and oh my goshing! CA is in its second week of rain, and I don’t mean a drizzle I mean raining hard, no outside play hard.  Don’t get me wrong CA needs the rain, but these little 3 year olds are bouncing off the walls.  They have lost the ability to focus past their names and are awesomely out of control.  Circle time looks like a flea circus and in general all things art related are to be avoided by co-opers because these little people are finding that faces, fingers elbows and basically anything not covered by clothing are great to paint with.  The best thing is the second they are done coating their paper in paint it’s a mad dash to the next thing, often forgetting they are covered in paint.

Last Thursday B got herself dressed in a Winnie the Pooh Halloween costume at school and decided it would be a great idea to start running around the preschool.  Now at this co-op this is not an issue, running inside is perfectly fine as long as your running under control and not out of control.  Anyway by the time B was done with her first lap, almost all of the kids where hot on her trail.  This game of chase Pooh lasted almost 10 minutes.  All the co-opers, me included where standing in various spots to prevent any head on collisions while the teacher ran and put on “chase” music.  By the time the game was over and B had, had enough of the chase her face was bright red and she was sweating under her Pooh suit.

Co-oping 101 you never now what will happen when kids are allowed to use their imagination, creativity and aren’t forced to do what is concidered normal.  The Pooh game has become a preschool favorite.  Also without co-oping I never would have had a chance to see my little Pooh in action!

If your thinking of putting your LO’s in a co-op I highly recommend it.  There are lots of different types of co-ops so make sure you find one that fits best for you and your LO.


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